After managing PainOnline for a few years as a solo operation, I’m at the point where I would welcome a little help so PainOnline can offer a higher level of information and assistance to medical professionals and people suffering from central pain. 

Please browse this page to see if you might be in a position to offer some assistance. All help will be on a strictly volunteer or gift basis. If you are willing to help in any of these areas, please write Neil. ([email protected])

  • Articles: I would welcome high-quality articles from people suffering from central pain and from physicians (and other medical professionals) or researchers with input about central pain. I would like to post a few pages from people with first-person accounts of their experience with central pain or from professionals with case studies or articles on the treatment of central pain. I would also welcome articles from professionals about the “human side” of dealing with patients with central pain.

    Articles are subject to review and editing, but I will consult with you about the final version before posting anything to the site. I will be happy to keep articles anonymous, if you prefer. Contact me if you have an idea for an article.

  • Editing: I have a backlog of articles to post to PainOnline that are in need of serious editing or rewriting before putting them online. If you have editing experience and are willing to help, please contact me.
  • Assistant Webmaster: If anyone would like to offer help as needed to do the normal stuff associated with maintaining and developing a website, please let me know. If you’re decent with web graphics, all the better. If you’d like a small challenge, please write.
  • Financial Assistance: Aside from web hosting, I have other expenses associated with running PainOnline and additional things I’d like to offer, such as nicer discussion forum software, animations,  pamphlets, etc. If you can help, please write.