For the Physician

Pain in the Little Brain, by Dr. Carl Y. Saab, Ph.D.
How Pain Nerve Cells Act When They Are In Pain
Guessing at the Cause of Central Pain
A Primer on What We Think We Know
Articles and Abstracts on Central Pain 

Table of Central Pain Components
Bowsher’s CriteriaEstablishing the diagnosis 
Common Errors in Evaluating Allodynia
Dimensions and Definition of Central Pain
Differentiating Central Pain From Peripheral Injury
Pain Researchers 
Online Articles About Pain Research
Challenges of Helping the Central Pain Patient
Introduction to Nerve Injury Pain
The Enormity of Central Pain
Life Without a Thalamus
5-Minute History of Pain Relief
Von Frey Hairs
Mnemonic of Central Pain:
 M.D. has C. P.

For the Patient

Introduction to Central Pain
Descriptions of Central Pain 
What Causes Central Pain?
The Holy Grail of Central Pain
How to Comfort Someone with Central Pain
S. Weir Mitchell: Nerve Pain Pioneer
The Case of George Dedlow, fiction by S. Weir Mitchell (Atlantic Monthly, 1866)
Book Review: “Pain Management” by Andrew Vachss
The Nature of Pain
The Heroes of Central Pain
The Central Pain Patient’s Bill of Rights
Links on Central Pain   
The Bad Boy/Bad Girl of Pain: Stigma 1: Not Fitting Into Common Perceptions of Pain