The web pages listed below contain the thoughts and reflections of people who are attempting to cope with Central Pain Syndrome, along with other information that may help victims of Central Pain.  

It is important for everyone with Central Pain to know they are not alone and that there are others who know what they are going through.

Who Gets Central Pain

Descriptions of Central Pain

How Pain Nerve Cells Act When They Are In Pain

Guessing at the Cause of Central Pain: 

Introduction to Central Pain

S. Weir Mitchell: Nerve Pain Pioneer

The Case of George Dedlow
fiction by Dr. S. Weir Mitchell (Atlantic Monthly, 1866)

Book Review: “Pain Management” by Andrew Vachss

The Nature of Pain

What Causes Central Pain?

The Holy Grail of Central Pain

How to Comfort Someone with Central Pain

The Heroes of Central Pain

The Bad Boy/Bad Girl of Pain

Links on Central Pain

The Central Pain Patient’s Bill of Rights