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Lessons from My Central Pain – Article in Pain-Clinical Updates by Dr. Kenneth McHenry, a physician with central pain
Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury Pain – Article in Pain-Clinical Updates on the effectiveness of various treatments for central pain caused by SCI
Central Pain – short article
Pain Research forum – a large collection of abstracts on pain research maintained by Dr. Wise Young
The thalamic syndrome of Déjérine-Roussy
 (De Smet)- abstract
Cellular Mechanisms of Pain & Analgesia (Zhuo) – research summary
Advances in Treatment of Neuropathic Pain (Leland)- article
The Problem of (Managed) Pain (Scherer) – article
Role of Psychology in Chronic Pain (Laurentz) – article
Spinal non-opioids in pain management: Ketamine (Errando) – article
Painful supernumerary phantom arm following motor cortex stimulation for central post-stroke pain (Canavero, et al) – case study
Treatment of Non-Malignant Chronic Pain (Marcus) – article
Neuropathic Pain: Associated Physiology and Pharmacology (Honeywell, et al) – article with CME credit
Treatment Options in Neuropathic Pain (Cauffield, et al) – article
Pain, the Disease (Thernstrom) – article
Systemic Medications (Kezar) – article (in PDF format)
Communication Between Nerve Cells (Cardoso) – article
Treatment of Chronic Pain Syndrome (Weitz, et al) – article
Central Post-Stroke Pain (Brockmann) – article (in MS Word format)
Neuropathic Pain (Odendaal) – article
New Approach Promises Relief for Chronic Pain (Mathias) – article
Understanding Neuropathic Pain (Richeimer) – article
Indevus Reports Positive Results From Phase II Clinical Trial With IP 751 in Neuropathic Pain – article
Transmission of chronic nociception by spinal neurons expressing the substance P receptor (Nichols, et al)- abstract